What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile Signal Boosters

Today, no single day spends without a mobile device. It has become an integral part of our life by making day-to-day communication smooth and easy. The electronic device works when the signal strength is stronger enough. Unfortunately, cell phone signal strength is not uniform everywhere. Hence, it causes call drop problems.

Regardless of the cellular network you use, the call drop issue is not going to solve. The problem can be faced at offices, homes, or anywhere and we name it a poor signal.

So, what steps can we take to reduce the poor signal problem significantly? The answer is cell phone boosters. It is an electronic device to amplifies the existing mobile phone signal. It amplifies the signal that is already available. In simple words, these devices amplify weak signals incredibly.

Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Work for Calls Only?

The device boosts the signal quality so that you can make call, send and receive SMS, and get good data. Signals like 3G, 4G, and LTE can amplify. Some modern cell phone boosters can amplify 5G signals too.

Reasons Why the Signal is Weak

There could be various reasons why your mobile signal is weak. We are discussing some inevitable reasons for it.

Distance of the Cellular Tower from Your Location

It is one of the most common reasons why your cell phone signal goes weak. The closer you are to the cell tower, the strongest the cell phone signal is received. On the contrary, the farther you are from the tower, the poorer the signal is.

Interferences from the Outside

Cellular signals are radio waves. They face obstructions while travelling long distances. Effective or stronger signals need a clear line from the tower to the caller. Outside interruptions can be mountains, trees, or tall buildings. Other factors like snow, thunderstorm and rain can make the reception weaker.

Interference from the Inside

Not only do outside interferences weaken the reception but also the inside interferences. Thick building materials like layers of bricks, glasses, magnetic and electronic clutter and conductive material can block the incoming signals. Even if the outside signal is superb or you are living close to the tower, the insider interferences can weak the signal.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit


It has two components – Outside Antenna and Inside Antenna

Outside Antenna-

Inside Antenna-


Cellular Amplifier

It is to boost the signal coming from the cell phone tower then enhancing and transmitting to your permises. Its amplification strength describes in "Gain."

What are the benefits of a cell phone booster?

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